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Multiple files available:

Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan, 2001
A real ghetto in Bangkok !
Ayutthaya 2001 (with kayak tour)
Bangkok skyline view with pool
Chanthaburi and around
Internet in Thailand, 2001
Kanchanaburi, Tak, Mae Hong Son, 1998 / 99
Kayaking on Si Nakharin Reservoir, Kanchanaburi (English and German, plus photos)
Ong Hlu Karen Village and beyond - Si Nakharin Reservoir (with photos)
The Lost Boat - more kayaking on Si Nakharin Reservoir (with photos)
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market by Kayak
Palace touts in Bangkok, 1998
Pattaya, 1999
Several islands + Ranong and around, 2000
Sukhothai and around, 1999
Um Phang and around + Bangkok 1999
Armed Robbery in Kanchanaburi, 1999
National Parks in Thailand
Cycling in Bangkok - A guide to suicide ?

Expat Tales - 3.5 years in Thailand

Friends' Writing:

The Creek Ride (Herb, 2001)
A Journey through the Land Of Smile (Bob, 2004)
Shinji's massive site on Thailand: Motorbike trip reports, in-depth GIS / GPS information, more..

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