Expat's Tales

Working in Thailand - how is that ?
my very personal and very subjective impressions

I'd like to thank the following outside-parties who made my stay in Thailand so much nicer:
The US Military
.. for their GPS that allowed me to move freely and safely around Thailand
.. for their Internet, which kept me in touch with the world and provided me with know-how otherwise not available
.. for their MREs which fed me in the wilderness and prevented me from diarrhoea
The Frauenhofer Institut / Germany
.. for MP3 which sparked a huge music-piracy industry down here, keeping me in touch with the western culture
The foreign industry in general
.. for making products that work (or fixing them otherwise). Special thanks to
Garmin / KS, USA, for their excellent service on all my GPS receivers which broke down,
Laser Products / CA, USA for their exceptional flashlights which protected me from serious trouble,
Lonely Planet for their incorrect but unsurpassed guidebooks and maps, which helped travelling the region

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