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Buddhism and Capitalism combined

Wat Arun Monks at 7eleven, Bangkok Chinatown

It's "The Land of Smiles" (somewhat gone plastic, though)

Prathu Nam, center of textiles

Look around and find Gas Stations, Malls, Waterfalls and Soft Drinks

Fuel A French shopping tempel Sarika Waterfall in Khao Yai Traditional drink

Famous for its food, Thailand delivers now even faster

That's fast A fast concept Just call

One of the famous Thai pastimes is the Traffic Game

Tiwanon Road on a weekday

This site surely not supported by TAT

Every year, the Thai celebrate a ceremonial washing of pickup trucks

Songkran in Chiang Mai

Songkran tools

To join in, you need:

  • Pickup truck
  • Barrel full of water
  • Box with ice
  • Some ladles and buckets
  • If you don't have your own truck, simply wash one of those you find driving around


    A whole sequence that involves a pickup truck

    After done with the truck,.. is your turn.

    Drinks are free during Songkran

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    No pickup truck,
    still cool

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