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Sorry, no.

Purpose of this Website

This is a non-commercial, personal travel website. Nothing is being sold and information is available for free. Why do I maintain this ?

Regularly being asked things like "How was it in Cambodia ?", "Where was this place that you went last weekend ?" or "Where did you stay on Nusa Penida", I decided I should have a website where all useful info is compiled. This is how it started.

Now as the site grows even I myself go back to it and read, particularly when re-visiting places after many years. Then sometimes I read my own reports just so and enjoy it. Reason enough to summarize every trip, preserving the memory.

As the use of the Internet has become common amongst travelers, as it's starting to be used even in Third World countries, many of my travel acquaintances want that I write about my travel and show the photos that I've taken with them. It's like "please send a letter" in the old days.

Sometimes I wonder why the majority of visitors come to my site and if / how they use the information.

Site Contents

This site contains all sorts of travel info (travel reports, pictures, GPS data).
It has no intention to fully cover the world or a particular region.
It's cumulative and grows as I travel and write about it / as friends ask me to publish their writing.

What is "KUTU" ?

There was a day when I was looking for a domain name.
One that is easy to remember.
One that can be pronounced easily in different languages.
One that doesn't insult anyone.
One that doesn't happen to be a company name so that someone would claim ownership.

I felt an animal name would be pretty safe, but all animals I could think of had already registered their domain so that it was not available to me. That is, the English-speaking animals.
So I grabbed that Malay dictionary and dropped the idea of having an English domain name.
Many Malay animals had not yet registered their domains and I even had some choice. Eventually, I decided on "kutu". Though it's not a very well respected animal, it's surely a short and easy to remember domain name that fulfills all my needs.

KUTU k.n. flea; small jumping insect that feeds on blood

With the huge number of languages we have on this planet, chances are that "kutu" has some meaning to you. Why not tell me about it, so I can list these meanings here ?

Thanks for reading all this - Martin