Castle Ruins of Landeck

The castle ruins of Landeck are located in the middle of the village of Landeck, between Rhine Valley and Black Forest, in the southwest of Germany.
Exact coordinates for your GPS are N 48.08.9664 / E 07.50.4216 (WGS84, hms)
Nearest town is Emmendingen, nearest city is Freiburg.
From the Autobahn A5, exit at Teningen and follow the signs to Emmendingen, Mundingen and Landeck. The last part is pretty steep with tight turns. There are a few parking lots around the location. Depending on time and season, 1 or 2 restaurants may be open.

The village of Landeck is halfway up the mountain, so you get a nice view of Mundingen with the Black Forest in the back.

Scenic view of Landeck Castle Ruins Black Forest

Ah yes, the structure is in a somewhat sad state, same issue with all German castle ruins.

From time to time it happens that people climb walls that better be not climbed and then get hurt or killed in the process. It has happened a few times so that there are now lots of signs telling you that you can't go in. Well, there ain't much to stop you, though. Let's take a look inside..

Inside view of the Landeck Castle Ruins Inside view of the Landeck Castle Ruins well as in and out of the window:

Window view Window view A wall

The chapel and below:

Along the chapel of Landeck Castle Ruins Along the chapel of Landeck Castle Ruins