Crossing is an Experience

Sukhothai Historical Park in civilized Thailand Sukhothai Historical Park in boring Thailand Between Pameunpeuk and Cipatujah, Java, Indonesia
This one has been buried under a landslide nearby Gg Merapi, Java, Indonesia
Watching above landslide

Steel is not a lasting material, if used near the sea

Bridge in Sulawesi

This one faces Anisakan waterfall near Maymyo, Burma
Discontinued suspension bridge in Pangandaran National Park, southern Java, Indonesia

A challenge in Angkor, Cambodia

Too much slanted for walking across - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Above one of those rare photos where
the maker of these pages can be seen.

On the left he even wears his hat backwards !

suspension bridge and beam bridge
on arch bridge below log bridge
without bamboo bridge upon truss bridge
before the cable bridge and rope bridge